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Prescription Naturals Reviews

Great Product. A Bottle Goes A Long Way!

Labe-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

Great product. I used the Serum B. People noticed the improvement in my complexion and it really helped me with problems associated with dry skin like no other product I tried could. A bottle goes along way.

Labe K.

Feels soo good

Doreen-Remen-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I first ordered Serum B after I saw the results on several friends of mine. They were absolutely glowing, with no fine wrinkle lines in sight! I ordered the serum and the results were basically immediate. From the fist application my skin looked smoother, dewy, and felt so good. I just ordered the HIGH-CR Cream and I love it too. These products are different than the rest. True natural healing.

Amazing Products for “Men” too !!!

Richard-S-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I have been using Prescription Naturals Serum M for over two years now. The results are amazing ! ” Guys” need to pay more attention and take care of their skin too ! I highly recommend these products.

Richard S.

“OMG… It’s Amazing!”

debbie-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I have been using Serum Band Un Dark Circle Serum for almost a year now and OMG, it’s AMAZING ! People tell me how good I look and I feel great. The dark circles under my eyes have gotten 50% better. I have been using all kinds of creams for 30 years, and nothing compares to your serums. Even my husband says I look much better

Healing effect

Sharon-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I am a skin care junkie but this is the best product line that has ever touched my skin. I credit these serums with improving my skin’s hydration, tone, radiance and even plumping fine lines around my eyes and mouth. Every morning when I looked in the mirror I was afraid to see my dry, tired, flat looking aging skin. I saw how my skin was aging and even though I wasn’t tired, my skin was. But even after one week, I experienced a healing effect that was different from the serums in the marketplace, this one actually worked. My skin was glowing, hydrated, firmer, and I looked alive, and awake. For once I looked exactly how I felt, younger than my years.

Difference in my skin

Ruth-Bogatie-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I have been using PN Serum for a number of weeks now, and I am thrilled about the difference in my skin. Prior to using the product, my skin always felt dry no matter what I put on it. The face serum with bee pollen, Serum B, is completely moisturizing and nourishing, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated even after a night’s sleep, or a busy day. The best part is that the ingredients that go into this fantastic product are totally clean. This is the real deal! I feel so fortunate to have found it.

Ruth B.

I Have Extremely Sensitive skin. It’s magic!

Neeva-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

My skin feels gloriously smooth since I started using PN Serum. I used to have very dry skin, but now my skin is silky smooth. So far, I love, love, LOVE, your products! I truly think your Bee Pollen Serum, Serum B is MAGIC! I have been using it on my body and face – it’s very caring, as I have extremely sensitive skin.

Neeva K.

Serum B is addicting!

Prescription Naturals is addicting. After using Serum BI can’t go back to my other skin care product. My skin is so soft, my complexion is brighter, and my rosacea completely disappeared. It also smells amazing!

Deborah R.

Delicious and Healthy !

Ruth2-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

Since I started using Prescription Naturals products, my skin feels so new and fresh.
The mousse and serum smells so good, My skin feels so silky.
I love the ingredients.

Ruth H.
Mom of 3

HIGH-CR Skin Mousse is AMAZING!

High-CR Skin Mousse is amazing. I apply it every night before bed and I only need a tiny amount. It spreads evenly on my face and really brightens my skin. It also evens out my complexion. I also like to apply it beneath my eyes. It feels amazing, it has a beautiful texture and it smells awesome. I have sensitive skin and this works really well for me.

Great products!

Rachel-Schwartz-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

Great products! I can actually see the difference! They use only the highest quality ingredients. I really recommend it!

I love the smell of these products

Sarah-Y-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

Ever since I started using Serum B and High-CR Skin Mousse, I have noticed a huge change in the softness and brightness of my skin. I love the smell of these products !

Sarah Y.

Skin is healthy and naturally healing

Racheli-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I am obsessed with this Serum! I felt and saw results after the first time using it. It reduced my sun spots, and evened out my skin tone. It improved the radiance and texture of my complexion almost immediately. I love knowing that what’s going on my skin is healthy and naturally healing. It just keeps getting better!

Rachel H.
T Tahari, New York

Don’t under estimate these serums!

Rachel-McPhereson-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

Don’t under estimate these serums. I love the lightness and the absorption. After 2-3 weeks, I really started to see results. It feels great using something natural!

Rachel M.

Sensitive skin

Leah-G Prescription Naturals Reviews

I Have a really sensitive skin, anything can clog my pores or make my skin irritated, I tried so many creams, lotions, you name it, until I saw a friend of mine’s skin glowing and she recommended Serum B, and I have to tell, I love it!! …my skin feels great and now even my husband started using it.

Leah G.

I Love the products!

Rachel-Avnaim-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

Since I start using the Serum and Mousse I see a big change in my skin. It’s has also helped with dark circles under my eyes! I Love the products.

Rachel A.

Love it!

Marina-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

These are great products! I have oily skin and I was worried that Serum B might be too rich for me. Incredibly, after a few days, the serum seems to have adjusted to my skin. Love it!


michaela-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I’ve started to useSerum R Pearl Serum on my face and I LOVE IT! This good stuff goes right into my skin and it feels amazing. My skin looks healthy and soft. Even after just a few days of using this serum, I can see a difference on my face! Thank you guys for creating this magical potion!

Michaela N.

Helping skin cells repair

Cara1-150x150 Prescription Naturals Reviews

I noticed a difference right away after using Prescription Naturals Serum R and HIGH-CR Skin Mousse. My skin felt like it was getting the moisture and support it needed and within days it looked brighter and smoother. As a doctor, using ingredients that are natural and medicinal, and contain vitamins that help the skin cells repair from damage is very important to me in a skin care product. I recommend PN Serums and products to anyone who wants a safe and effective way of taking care of their skin.

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