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Prescription Naturals FAQ

Welcome to the Prescription Naturals FAQ page. Here you can find, read, or ask questions about use, application, and proper storage and handling of our products. Feel free to send your questions from our contact page. We will do our best to answer them here.


Q. How long does a 30 ml bottle of Serum last?

A. A 30 ml Bottle of Prescription Naturals Serum should last 4-6 weeks with normal use. If you layer different products it will last longer as you would need less moisture.


Q. Can I layer your products?

A. Yes. It’s recommended.


Q. How do I layer different products?

A. The general rule is to apply products with a water base first. Serum L and Serum I are water based. Serum R, Serum B, INTENSE NITE Serum, Serum M, UN-AGING OIL and HIGH-CR Age Reverse Mousse contain oils and fatty acids. They should be applied second.


Q. Do your products contain preservatives?

A. Yes. We use organic EcoCert® preservatives, which are certified for organic products. We also use Vitamin E and mixed Tocopherols which help prevent oxidation, preserve, and benefit the skin. This is to protect the safety and potency of our products.


Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. Our products are not designed to sit indefinitely on store shelves. Since our products do not contain strong chemical preservatives which could harm your complexion, our products have a “potent” shelf life of about 6 months from time of purchase. Even though, our products will remain stable for longer periods. You may choose to refrigerate your products to extend this period.


Q. How should I store my products?

A. Our products do not require refrigeration. However, they will maintain a longer shelf life if kept in a cool place. Refrigeration is optional. Ever heard of  “cold cream” ? That term originally applied to fresh and natural skin care products (usually made from food ingredients) that required refrigeration to stay fresh.


Q. How often can I apply my Serum?

A. Serum R, and Serum B, and Serum M, twice a day, morning and night. Serum L, once daily in the morning. INTENSE NITE Serum, once before bedtime. HIGH-CR Skin Mousse and UN-AGING OIL, as often as you like.


Q. I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

A. Our products are very gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Exception: Serum B contains Bee Pollen and should not be used by those who have allergies to honey or other bee products.



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