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Best Anti-Aging Products For Your Skin


My name is Abe Hardoon. My wife Alla and I are the creators of Prescription Naturals.

We, like many people, strive to take care of ourselves. We watch what we eat, and try to avoid chemicals and additives in our foods.

Unfortunately, with personal care products it more difficult. They are generally loaded with chemicals, and can sometimes cause real damage. In fact, when we became interested in creating great products, we realized that some of the most expensive cosmetic products contain the most harmful ingredients.

We learnt long ago that, "if you won't put it in your body, don't put it on your body".  If it contains toxic chemicals, additives, and preservatives, it will eventually end up in your body, and could cause problems. We didn't want that, and neither do you.

Today, It's difficult to find really good, effective, personal care products that don't contain irritating, potentially harmful, toxic substances.

We decided to do something about it.

What would make the best anti-aging products?

My wife Alla was registered nurse and a certified aesthetician in St. Petersburg, Russia. With her training, and my own experience in health and nutrition, we researched. We consulted with doctors, anti-aging specialists, dermatologists, and nutritionists. Our question? What would make the best anti-aging products! So, we investigated and searched for the most powerful, beneficial and safest ingredients for anti aging skin care. We sourced ingredients, both botanicals and cosmetic from around the world. We mixed, we tried and we tested. It became an obsession. We were on a mission.


Suddenly, it dawned on me. In order to create the best anti aging products, we must use the best ingredients from both worlds! The best that science has to offer, and combine it with the best that nature has to offer. So, that's what we did. We sourced ingredients, both botanicals and cosmetic from around the world. We mixed, we tried and we tested. About a year later, we had created our first series of formulas. Not only did these formula work, they worked unbelievably well. It was awesome! We gave them to family, and to our friends. The feedback was amazing. Comments like, "Did you have something done?" You look amazing!

The best anti-aging products were born.

orchid-3-1 Best Anti-Aging Products For Your Skin

We’ve combined miraculous extracts and bio-actives from nature, with today's advanced science and pharmacology.

They work together in a harmonious synergy. Superior formulations that help to repair, nourish, and transform your skin.

Prescription Naturals does not use harmful artificial ingredients. GMO's don't work for us. No irritating toxins. Our formulas don't contain dangerous parabens, artificial fragrances or chemical preservatives. We are vegan and animal  friendly.

To create the best products you must use the best ingredients.


How Are We Different?

To create the best anti-aging products we only choose non-toxic and non-irritating ingredients. 

We use pharmaceutical-grade cosmetic and bio-actives for their ability to work in synergy with one another by increasing cellular energy through nutrition, hydration and optimizing healthy cell function. With this combination, we've created a superior line of products to nourish, repair, detoxify, hydrate, and balance your skin from the inside out.

Our unique combination of ingredients contain the highest concentrations of antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients of any skin care product. Because of our unique combination of the highest quality cosmetic and natural ingredients, together with our pure processing technique, our formulas will give you dramatic results that continue improving.

Best Anti-Aging Products For Your Skin

Are your cosmetics
aging your skin?

Chemical irritants and toxins are found in most skincare products today. These toxins can trigger inflammation that increases skins sensitivity and can even accelerate the visible signs of aging. This inflammatory response stresses the skin's natural repair process, damages its protective barrier and breaks down collagen, hastening the appearance of lines and wrinkles and undermining the healthy function of the skin. That's why you'll find ONLY the purest ingredients in every product of Prescription Naturals skin care.


Toxic Ingredients NEVER found in Prescription Naturals products: Parabens / Ethanol / Synthetic Color and Dyes / Propylene Glycol and Pegs / Phthalates / Benzoyl Peroxide / DEA / Sulfates / Chemical Sunscreens / Mineral Oil and Petrolatum / Sodium Hydroxide / Synthetic Fragrance. Read more on the "Dirty Dozen" of cosmetic ingredients.

12-150x150 Best Anti-Aging Products For Your SkinWe are Free of the
"Dirty Dozen" Plus


The David Suzuki foundation estimates that 75 - 90%  of cosmetic products contain Parabens. Parabens are commonly used as a preservative and they easily penetrate skin tissue. Parabens have been shown to interfere with hormone function by mimicking estrogen. Parabens have been detected in human breast cancer tissues, suggesting a possible link between parabens and cancer.

In addition, studies indicate that methyl paraben applied on the skin reacts with UV-rays leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage. Parabens are generally found in Facial Moiturizers, Lotions, Anti-aging products, Foundations, and Fragranced products.

Prescription Naturals is proud to say that we do not engage in animal testing, nor do we use animal-derived ingredients (except "animal friendly" bee pollen) in our products. We rely on bio-active, natural botanical, and  pharmaceutically pure cosmetic ingredients to make exceptional and luxurious skin care products.

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